1. Steel industry department

    Arc fusion is carried out in the ovens "дяо-1,5" into sand moulds. Moulding is manual or machine. The department consists of three areas. The first area includes alloy composition preparation, the second area is melting one, the third area is assembly one. The main kinds of output are: anodic grounders of "ЗФС" kind (used like corrosive electric protection for gas pipelines), rollers of "УСО ІІІ" kind (for railway transport), bolted armature, reducer frames for agricultural mechanisms, different castings which weigh is about 1,5 tons. Planned production capacity is approximately 3000 tons of iron casting in a year or 1700 tons of steel casting in a year.

  2. Cast-iron department

    Smelting furnaces: three-tons coke-ovens. The main kinds of output are: autoloader counterbalances, telephone and sewerage system hatches, brake shoes, drain grates, manufacture for brickworks, manufacture for cement works, manufacture for agricultural needs (rollers, reducer frames), parts for engines, fireplaces, different castings which weigh is about 3,0 tons. Basic customers are: "Ukrzaliznytsya", "Ukrtelecom", "Waterworks", OJSC "Vatra", the Ivano-Frankivs'k cement-slate works, the Lviv autoloaders enterprise. Productive capacity under two-shift work conditions is up to 3500 tons of cast-iron in a year. Casting production has its own moulding area. Engine remounting department Remounting of industrial engines from 0,55 up to 100,00 kilowatts and welding transformers is carried out in the department

  3. Machine-shop

    The department is engaged in mechanical processing of steel and iron castings produced by casting departments of the plant, equipment remounting, castings dyeing.

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